Q. Is there a difference between a Sarong & a Pareo? 

A: The only difference is the name. It basically depends on your location. In Australia & Europe we call it a Sarong. Mostly in the U.S they are called Pareo.

Q: Why do you say that a Lyloh sarong is a beachwear essential? 

Its our customers that tell us! We get feedback daily with people telling us how much they love their Sarong and travel with it everywhere. 

"I initally bought this sarong from you ladies because I liked the design. I didnt realise it would become an everyday essential! I use it to lay in the park with my kids, 

Q: Are Lyloh Sarongs mass produced? 

A: Lyloh All of our designs are made either by us or we have collaborated with an artist. We dont mass produce each style and 

Q: What is the artist collaboration?